Sonnics 256GB Grey (SSD) Portable External Solid State Drive USB 3.0 Windows PC / Mac XBOX ONE & PS4

Ultra slim, ultra light weight and durable USB 3.0 Super speed up to 5Gbps transfer rate Portable external Solid state drive

Runs straight from a usb 2.0 or usb 3.0 port no external power source needed, Reliable portable storage solution formatted to FAT32 for use with all operating systems mac os and windows

Connect it to your smart TV and record all your favourite movies and TV programmes on to the hard drive and play them back when ever you like, you can add and remove recordings with ease.

2 year warranty with Sonnics



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Backup data and transfer all of your files quickly and easily with this New Plug & Play Portable external Solid state Drive, it has a USB 3.0 interface, this Portable SSD offers both style and speed with data transfer rates of up to 5Gbps, USB 3.0 (also known as SuperSpeed USB) has a maximum bandwidth rate of 5 gbps (gigabits per second) That translates to 640 MBps (megabytes per second) ten times faster than USB 2.0 . in one compact package. Its portable design makes it ideal for carrying around with you, and all it takes to connect is a USB cable. The aluminum and hard plastic case provides excellent heat dissipation and helps your drive keep cool! Whether you're using a PC or a MAC (desktop/laptop) , smart TV, Xbox one or playstation 4, simply connect this external storage device and transfer your digital files in a breeze. You can use this drive on an XBOX ONE and Playstation 4 to install and runs games from you will need to format it on your Console before use which takes a few minutes then you are good to go. there are no moving parts inside compared to a standard hard drive.